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How we work.

Effective. Responsive. Thorough.
Here’s how we do it.

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Fact Find.

This is the most important part of the project. Armed with Post-its and marker pens, we run an in-depth session to get to know your business, objectives, and the problems you face.

Then we plan our approach. What do we need to create? And how do we get there? We set timelines, milestones, delivery dates – and make sure it all fits with you.


Two things you’ll hear us say a lot: UX and UI. The UX is user experience: how will people use what we create for you? What journeys will people make through your website? How will the web application fit with your existing systems?

And UI? That’s user interface: how the product looks and feels, and how it works intuitively across desktop, tablet and mobile. And with every new detail we design, your product begins to take shape.

Front end development.

When we’ve finalised the designs, we bring them to life. We translate them into code for the web – layouts, animations, the lot. We hone the UX and UI. And we make sure the site is fast, search engine friendly, and works on all devices.

Back end development.

We go deep into the technical functionality of your website. Nothing’s off the shelf: every line of code we write is bespoke. We make sure it all works as smoothly as it’s meant to. And we connect it all to Atlas, the content management system that makes your site effortless to update. The final step is to put your website on Stratus, our fully-managed cloud hosting platform.


We show you how to use Atlas, your CMS. It takes ten minutes – and you’re done. And because everything is custom-made, your CMS is intuitive and easy to use – just like everything else we create.


Of course, we test everything as we go. But we also run a final test before launch, to make sure it works fast on every device, every browser. Then we put you in charge for the final once-over.


All our hard work leads to this moment. When you’re ready, we hit the big red button, and your website launches into the world. It’s that simple.


It might sound odd, but we rarely have a support contract. We build everything to work, and to last – so you shouldn’t need us. But we’re always here if you do: just pick up the phone, or send us an email. And because our servers are monitored 24/7, we’ll know about any issues before you do.