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Where The Trade Buys

How do you turn a printing company with no web presence into one of the largest online print purchasing platforms in the creative sector?

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Problem: the variables.

Where the Trade Buys hadn’t sold a single product online when they came to us. The problem? Printing is a complex business, with an impossible number of variables – almost everything can be customised. A simple online shop would never cope.


Learn everything about print.

We started on the factory floor, learning how the machines work, how customers order, how the whole business functions. Once we understood the detail and scale of the project, we could design a web application to suit.

Make it easy. And they will come

One thing was certain: to win customers online, we had to make the website incredibly easy to use (and deal with all the complexity behind the scenes). We spent months refining the user experience, each time taking a little more pain out of the process.


A website that goes further.

We built the web application to plug directly into the print management software, and send everything to the right printing machine. Customer orders go straight from web to print, with minimal fuss and very little human intervention. And with an average score of 4.5 stars on Trustpilot, it’s working well.

Win awards. Then update.

We won the Big Chip Award for best B2B e-business project in 2015. By that point, we were already close to releasing version 2 of the website: making it better, faster, and more scalable than before.


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