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Tyneside Safety Glass.

How complicated is a sheet of safety glass? Very complicated. We helped one of the world's leading safety glass manufacturers to organise their products, refine their offering, and share their expertise across sectors.

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Many industries.
Many specialisms.

Tyneside Safety Glass supply glass to sectors as varied as agriculture, motorsport, construction, defence, and emergency services. Each industry has different requirements for their safety glass - and each product that Tyneside Safety Glass make has different applications across sectors. Our task? Untangle it to make it easy to find the product you need, however you search.


The front end of the site is relatively straightforward - we arranged it by product, industry, and services - but the backend is a different level of complexity. To make sure customers see the products and services that are most relevant to them, we created an intricate system of cross-referencing, that the client could quickly and easily update for any new content in the CMS.

No more rabbit holes.

The old site was easy to get lost in, as you explore deeper and deeper into the company's history of innovation and expertise. We made sure the new site was much more open and user-friendly, while keeping the same level of detail about the company and its history.

See it in action.

Have a look at the site to see it all stitched together.

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