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My Learning Journey

A bespoke platform for Trinity Academy. Developed to help tutors and learners manage goals, track achievements and confidentially work through any issues they are facing.

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Problem: the existing system.

Trinity were already using an off-the-shelf system to achieve similar results but they were finding it unmanageable. A bad user interface was a factor for this but inevitably it came down to the inflexibility of an off-the-shelf product. Due to it's tedious nature it was barely being used


Develop a complete custom solution that went on to solve all this and more. The project has been successful for many reasons: Staff are saving time with reports. Data is more organised and less paper is used. No licence costs need to be paid. But more importantly the learners are now actually using it due to the fun, engaging user-interface.

When it works,
they will engage.

The system now tracks progress of every learner not just academically but for the softer skills too through the views element of the programme, it monitors work experience for every learner and alerts staff when input is needed for reviews.

Achievement. Results

The comprehensive review system allows learners to sit down with their tutor and assess each month if they are on track with their goals and what they need to do moving forward to achieve them. The extensive admin system allows management to pull the reports without the need for staff spending many hours manually pulling them together.

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