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MSP - Metrology Software Products - make precision engineering possible. The company's software is used across the globe by some of the world's biggest manufacturers, from aerospace to Formula 1. Our task? Understand an impenetrably complex product, and showcase it to very different audiences.

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Complex products. Simple message.

Everything about this project depended on understanding exactly what MSP does and doesn't do. It's a complex product with a simple message: use MSP software, and you could save millions. How? By making sure your machine tools are perfectly set up, and every part they produce is within tolerance. And when tolerances are a tenth of the width of a human hair, precision matters.

A crash-course in 5-axis machining.

When we began the project, we knew nothing about 5-axis machine tools. Or the difficulties of working with titanium, or the huge cost of tiny errors, deep in a machine. But we did know that the design and the words would need to work side by side to explain it all, so we worked closely with the copywriters at Blackad throughout the project.

In our discovery sessions, we learned everything we needed to know - from the mindset of the client's customers, to the kinds of questions their engineers face every day. Then we set to work.

Defining the offer.

Once we understood the products, we had to explain them to two very different audiences: expert engineers who knew that MSP could solve their problems, and time-pressed decision makers who wouldn't know a nozzle from a nosecone. The solution? A clean, modular design to balance bold headlines with detailed explanations.

Fit to scale.

Aside from defining the proposition, the first phase of the web project was relatively straightforward - but we knew the site would scale up in phase two. So we laid the groundwork in the back end for all the functionality the site would need in later iterations: delivering a simple, scalable solution that does everything MSP need it to, now and in the future.

Client Response.

"Thank you for all your hard work, you have raised our profile and our brand brilliantly and your efforts are very much appreciated." Margaret Toberty, Director of Operations

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