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Geomatic Solutions

Geomatic Solutions' software and services help clients across the globe manage their data, and make high value business decisions on where to drill for oil and other natural resources. They engaged us to align their web presence with their highly technical service offerings.

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Chaos into continents.

We wanted to visualise the knowledge and technology Geomatics use when helping their clients.
So we created a dot matrix animation on load, which then forms into outlines of continents, further reflecting the global nature of Geomatic's work.

Simple and succinct.

The complexity of Geomatic's industry and their specialist services within it, made it very hard for them to talk succinctly about themselves. So we once again teamed up with the writers at BlackAd to conduct an in-depth discovery session. BlackAd then created functional, digestible web copy and we designed a simple but engaging interface to tell the Geomatics story.

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