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Hello Luke Harvey, welcome to Climb!

Chris Henderson
Chris Henderson
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We’re happy to introduce to you Luke, our backend developer and the latest addition to Climb.

After a long, long search Luke was clearly the perfect candidate to up-skill and join the team as our next backend developer. As with all of our team we saw his passion for all thing’s web which is a crucial factor for us.

Due to the growing number projects being commissioned by existing clients Luke will give us the capacity needed to fulfil this demand.

So, who is Luke? Let’s find out...

Hi Luke, great to have you on-board! How is your new role here at Climb?

Yeh it's great, really enjoying it! Everyone has made me feel welcome and it's a nice relaxed atmosphere, which is good.

Glad to hear it! So why is backend development ‘your thing’?

I enjoy a challenge and problem solving, I like to see work that I have done 'come to life'.

What’s your passion outside of work? (you’re not allowed to say going to the gym and reading books!)

I don't go to the gym or read books haha! I like listening to, and, creating music (I play the guitar and drums). I enjoy pretty much every sport, and now the season has started again, most of my time is taken up with my Fantasy football team. My hometown football team Hartlepool United is a big interest, even though they're not the greatest.

Oooh, give us a line from a song…

That is tough, I know loads of good lines from songs! I do like... 'Because I don't know where we are going. Could hazard a guess, but I like not knowing'.

Ah, I Like Not Knowing by Fatherson (thanks Google!). What’s your favourite thing that you own? I’m going to take a wild guess here and say guitar or drums?

That's the one! Yeh I'd say my guitar.


Before people start talking, are you any relation to our lead backend developer, Chris Harvey? You don’t look like him. Who do you think is better looking?

I'm not related; however, my brother is actually called Chris Harvey - which is a massive coincidence! I'd say Chris, not Chris my brother but Lead Developer Chris, Chris.

He’ll like that! Tell us an interesting fact about yourself, if you have one?!

It's not really interesting but it's all I can think of, I've ran the Great North Run twice.

So technically you’ve ran a marathon then? And the final question then you can get back to coding… What would your superpower be and why?

Yeh haha! I think being able to teleport would be pretty decent. Imagine how quick you could get places!

So, to summarise, you annoy your neighbours with musical instruments, you relax at work, you don’t like knowing, you want to get to places quickly, you think Chris Harvey (not your brother Chris) is good looking, and you run marathons!

Sounds about right. Thanks for the opportunity!

Welcome to the team Luke, may the force be with you!