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Do you need a copywriter?

Chris Henderson
Chris Henderson
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Short answer: Yes. That’s why we work closely with the writers at Blackad on many of our projects. Long answer: It’s complicated. I’ll let them explain why...

You know your business better than anyone. You can construct a pleasing sentence. You even know the correct way to use a semi-colon. Doesn’t that make hiring a copywriter an unnecessary cost?

You’re not the first to think so. But we’ve convinced even the most sceptical clients that outsourcing their web writing is the best thing since Warburtons Toastie. Here’s what changed their minds.

“You saved us weeks”

We write all day, every day. We have more conversations about sentence structure in an hour than most people do in a lifetime.

We’ve gathered knowledge from hundreds of past projects – many of them similar to yours – and can craft an entire web page quicker than you can say ‘what’s another word for unique?’.  

“We didn’t realise it was so much work”

Well-written web copy presents information in easily digestible chunks. By design, it’s manageable. Don’t be fooled – when you add all these wordy morsels together, you’re left with A LOT of copy. Not to mention the microcopy and meta data your lead dev keeps asking for.

Combine that with your regular day job and something’s got to give. Outsource it, and you’ll get the website you want, without ending up overworked and under pressure.

It sounds just like us”

Content created in-house often comes from many different sources. Inconsistencies creep in, and before you know it, everything’s a bit of a muddle.

As we write, we manage tone and style, smoothing out any idiosyncrasies to make sure your entire site reads as one. Want to develop your brand language and tone of voice? We can help with that too.

Wok cooking with quote  -

“You’re the experts”

You cook a mean pad thai but you’re unlikely to apply for a job in a Michelin Star restaurant. The same goes for writing. Most people can write page content that’s passable, but copywriters have spent years accumulating knowledge that goes way beyond ‘good enough’.

“We didn’t know when to stop”

It’s a cliché, but you can be too close to a project. It’s our job to bring a more removed perspective. Of course, we’ll work hard to understand everything you need us to write about. But we’ll work just as hard to recognise the things that are diluting your message, and would be better left unsaid.

“We spend less time answering basic questions”

Any kind of missing link in your copy can leave your audience confused. If you’re lucky, they’ll contact you for clarification. If not, you’ll probably lose their business before you even had it.

Weirdly, your expert knowledge works against you here – because your brain automatically fills in the blanks. An outsider’s perspective can reveal what’s missing, or pinpoint why something doesn’t make sense.

“We never thought of doing it like that”

As well as being writers, we’re thinkers. Before we even open our word processing programme of choice, we ask questions. We get to know your business. We hammer out a strategy. We work with you to decide the best way forward. And then we start writing.

You might not get what you thought you wanted. You’ll definitely get something that works.

“You’ve been lifesavers”

Make no mistake, creating or relaunching a website isn’t easy. Collating raw information, managing sign-off deadlines and squaring CEO feedback with sales team demands are all likely to make their way onto your fit-to-burst to-do list.

Give yourself a chance. Let us tear our hair out over whether those bullet points should be body copy, so you don’t have to.

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